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TrueCamo Hunting Apparel

Whether you’re a hunter or just a wildlife enthusiast, the outdoor apparel by HECS will truly impress you. Our TrueCamo™ apparel is made with our patented technology, which will give you an entirely new experience when you’re out in the wild. HECS technology conceals on both the visual and electronic levels. No other camo can do this! Our TrueCamo™ clothing is made for both hunters and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

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The Best Camo for Hunters and Outdoor Adventurers

What makes HECS the best camo for all? It’s our patented technology that features a highly conductive and interlocking carbon fiber grid that’s woven into our clothing. This is specifically designed to block your electrical energy radiation. With HECS, you can enjoy an entirely new experience when you’re outdoors.

It’s Not Magic, It’s Technology

Muscle movements and our basic biologic functions produce an electrical energy field that animals are capable of detecting. HECS is the only technology available that blocks your energy, making you more like an inanimate object and less detectable by wildlife.

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Using the Faraday Cage Principle
for Outdoor Recreation

All species on Earth produce an electrical signal, and yes, this means humans too. This is caused through chemical reactions that are generated through normal bodily functions. Your nerves send electrical pulses to the brain daily. For instance, when you move your muscles, your heart beats, you digest food, etc., your nerves are working and producing electrical signals which emit electrical energy, and this can be detected by wildlife. Research now confirms this energy is detectable by wildlife

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How Do Animals Sense Your Presence?

How do animals see you? The real question is, how do animals see you when you’re wearing HECS technology paired with HECStyle camo patterns? The principle is actually quite simple, but the reasoning behind it is somewhat complex.

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Blocking the Human
Electric Field

Electricity dominates our life, even before humans discovered how to use it for technological advancements. The majority of species on earth generate electricity. It’s how our bodies function. So, what does this mean for outdoor recreation? It’s a detail that’s often overlooked by hunters, but what if wild animals are still sensing your presence, even if you’ve masked your scent and concealed yourself well and remained silent and motionless?

Build Your Own HECS System

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In order to see the full benefits of HECS technology, you need to cover as much of you body as possible with HECS. At a minimum you need a shirt/top, pants and a headcover. Gloves and socks are also highly recommended fore ultimate concealment. Here you can customize you HECS system to achieve this goal while also choosing the best combination for your hunting style.

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