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Whether you have been hunting elk most of your life or you’re a novice, getting as close as possible to these magnificent animals is the thrill of a lifetime, and doing so is difficult because of their legendry senses which include an incredible sense of smell, eyesight that is far superior to ours as well as hearing that can pick up the slightest sound at a great distance. But we now know there is yet another sense these giant animals possess and use to survive. It is now known that they also can sense the electrical emission that all living beings emit through natural bodily functions.

HECS® patented technology, coupled with proprietary HECStyle elk hunting camo patterns, yields concealment on two levels — both visually and electrically by blocking the body’s natural bioelectric output. Our hunting camouflage clothing and accessories are specially designed to help you get closer to animals and stay undetected in a way that was simply not possible before the discovery of HECS® technology.

The proven technological advantage of HECS elk hunting camouflage clothing is that it blocks the electrical energy signals from your body. Elk use these signals to differentiate between living beings and inanimate ones, so when using HECS®, you appear as more of an inanimate object rather than a threat.

Veteran elk hunters know that when they get in close to elk it is usually not very long before the elk will sense the presence of danger even if the wind is perfect. They are still and silent and well camouflaged. Like all deer species, elk just have this innate ability to sense danger. Hunters have long called this phenomenon a “6th sense” but never really understood the causes.

Science now knows that it is indeed a 6th sense but actually one that they have been studying for decades. You see it has been well known that elk and other migratory mammals can sense the extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field of the earth and they use this to navigate long distances with incredible accuracy.

The basis of the HECS discovery was realizing that the bioelectrical emissions from living beings are produced by the heart and other muscle movements. It is also an extremely low-frequency field and very similar to what we know animals use to navigate. It is obvious that if an animal can sense something for one purpose, it could also sense it for other purposes like avoiding danger.

Adding the ability to block your bioelectric emissions is a giant advantage when you come in close to that bull of a lifetime! HECS technology simply allows closer, more natural interactions with wildlife like elk. Even when they do see you many times they simply do not react the same way. It makes hunting these awesome creatures all the more enjoyable and will help to decrease your available freezer space!

Duel level concealment is the new Secret weapon for elk hunters!


Why do so many people participate in the elk hunting season? Elk are among the most challenging animals on the planet to hunt, because they are bigger, stronger, faster, and more elusive than deer. Hunting elk while wearing our patented hunting camo helps you to “hide in plain sight,” allowing you to get closer and helping you get that high percentage shot we are all looking for.

All HECS® clothing and accessories have revolutionary technology woven into the fabric. It’s the only hunting camouflage on the market that encapsulates you in an energy-blocking conductive carbon grid that literally changes the way you appear to the animal.

In most states, an elk hunter’s success rate is under 20 percent. Be on the right side of those statistics by wearing elk hunting camouflage. HECS is the only multi-level concealment system on the market and it will quite literally change the way you hunt!

Why Is Elk Hunting Popular?


Elk are at the very pinnacle of the list for most hunters. They have the sharpest of all senses and when they get spooked they will travel many miles, leaving frustrated hunters in their dust. We have long considered good camouflage essential to elk hunting especially if you’re hunting with close-range weapons like bows or black powder. But even a rifle elk hunter will see an obvious advantage from keeping the woods as still and natural as possible because once the elk are aware of your presence the chances of even seeing one again will be slim to none for many days in most areas. Most of the time you only get one chance and having everything in your favor is mandatory.

HECS patented technology takes the art of stealth and concealment to a whole new level that is not attainable any other way. Get a HECS system today and you will be holding all the aces when you close on that giant bull of a lifetime! HECS is more than camo- it’s patented 21st-century technology to help you be successful!

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With the advantage that comes from wearing HECS elk hunting camo clothing, you will appear more like an inanimate object to wildlife, and even the slow movements of raising your gun or drawing your bow will be much more possible. Like a branch blowing in the wind, elk won’t perceive you as a threat. Our clothing and accessories are the most significant advantage for an elk hunter who wants to increase their success to come along in at least 20 years.

Practice, time, expensive equipment, high-powered guns, and bows that cost a fortune cannot guarantee that you will have a successful hunt. Getting closer to the animal isn’t the only factor when hunting elk — it’s all about concealing your movement and being ignored in that moment of truth. Fortunately, HECS elk hunting camouflage clothing can help you solve many of these issues, making your dream of a trophy bull much closer to reality.

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