How Animals See Humans Wearing HECS®

How Animals See Humans Wearing HECS®

How do animals see you? The real question is, how do animals see you when you’re wearing HECS multi-level camo? The principle is actually quite simple, but the reasoning behind it is a little more complex and is based on what we now know about how animals, birds, and fish sense their electrical environment.

Many hunters have long known that animals have an innate ability to just know when they are close to hunters for any length of time. This has been called a “sixth Sense” by many for years and we now know that it actually is just that. Many outdoorsmen have noticed that even if all the conditions are right (wind, sound, camo, etc.) they can see an animal’s body language change when they get in close and soon they will become more alert and most of the time move away. This is especially prevalent in more experienced mature animals.

In hunting most successful hunters already know that they need to defeat the nose eyes and ears f the animals they hunt as well as other animals in the area that can give away their location. But even when all the well-known “boxes were checked” still wary animals still have that ability to just sense danger. We now know that the cause behind this is the electrical emission that hunters put off naturally.

At HECS®, we design and create hunting and wildlife clothing with patented technology that effective captures your natural electrical output. When you’re wearing HECS®, you’ll be able to get closer while you’re out hunting. Wildlife enthusiasts will also love our unique apparel because you’ll be able to observe wildlife in a more natural way with less impact on the animal .Instead of being stressed out by your presence, the animals will act more naturally, as if you weren’t there.

How do animals sense your electrical field?

It’s important to note that wearing HECS® does not make you invisible. Animals will still be able to smell you and hear you if you make unnatural noise and see quick unnatural movements if you’re not visually camouflaged. However, they’ll see you more as an inanimate object rather than a threat. HECS® clothing has revolutionized the way hunters hunt and the way wildlife photographers capture the photos they take. No matter how you enjoy the outdoors, HECS® clothing can benefit you.

How do animals sense your electrical field?

Science has seen evidence that most animals, birds, and fish are sensing the extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by the earth for many years. Most of the research until recently was focused on how animals navigate and how these fields influence the internal compass.

Let’s take birds as an example. Studies have shown that birds have a keen sense of and use the Earth’s electromagnetic field for migration purposes. By using this sense, they’ve been able to navigate the globe effectively.
Birds (and some mammals including Bears and canines) actually see these fields visually and are the most sensitive land-based creatures to ELF fields.

Science has now isolated the highly conductive molecule Cryptochrome (CRY4) which is found in the eyes of almost all birds as the mechanism behind the visual sensitivity to extremely low-frequency electrical fields. Studies from Germany, Sweden, and the USA have now confirmed that birds as well as some other species including bears and canines are utilizing the conductive nature of the CRY4 molecule to see these fields visually. Most of that study revolved around how these creatures use this ability to navigate however the basis of the HECS discovery is the fact that the electrical energy produced and emitted by living beings is also an extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field and is very similar to the energy we know animals use for navigation.

So it stands to reason that if animals can sense these fields for navigation then they can obviously use them for other purposes as well such as confirming living objects from inanimate ones. With mammals like deer, elk, antelope species, and the like the belief is those species are sensing the earth’s electromagnetic field through the highly electrically conductive element Magnetite which is present in the brains of all mammals. The exact mechanism in mammals is somewhat less understood but the fact that they can sense ELF EM fields is undeniable and is proven both by the amazing ability to navigate long distances as well as the measurable difference we see when the fields are attenuated. The bottom line is we now without a doubt that most animals and birds can and do sense the electrical emissions from other living beings and blocking those emissions with HECS technology has a profound effect on the behavior of those animals.

How do animals sense your electrical field?

How does the electrical environment affect your hunting experience?

It’s true that scent control, remaining silent, and blending in visually are important aspects of hunting. In fact, we understand that you can go to great lengths to control all these aspects, but there’s still more to consider. Avoiding detection is so important and experienced hunters can tell you that you can only do so much with concealment before an animal, such as a deer, pops its head up and spots you. It has been called the sixth sense for centuries and yes it does in fact exist! Every animal on the planet emits an electrical signal, and birds, mammals, and even fish can detect these signals, which makes your hunting experience more challenging.

Hunters have known about this phenomenon for as long as they have been in close-range pursuit of the game yet only recently have we actually known how it works and how to defeat it.

Electrical currents, though small, do exist in the human body. This is caused by chemical reactions that occur through normal bodily functions. For instance, your nerves will relay signals to your brain through electrical impulses. In simple terms, when your muscles move and contract, you’re generating electric signals. Your heart (a muscle) is very electrically active, which is why a doctor can trace its activity through an electrocardiogram (EKG). The same goes for biochemical reactions like digestion and brain activity. Simply put you generate electrical energy that travels outside your body regardless of wind direction or even light obstacles and animals can sense it.

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This is a major factor when it comes to hunting, and why so many hunters get busted by game even when all the conditions are right. Controlling the well-known factors like scent and sound and using good visual camo to blend in visually are all important techniques that work but if the game is tipped off by your Bioelectric emissions that could be the weak link that gets you busted. But is there anything you can do about it?

The HECS® Difference The short answer is YES!

HECS® clothing is designed to make you a more proficient hunter and to improve your experience, no matter what you’re hunting. However, HECS® isn’t just for hunters either. Wildlife enthusiasts can benefit from HECS® apparel too. At HECS®, we’ve conducted in-depth research on the behaviors of animals and their ability to sense and detect naturally occurring bioelectric fields. The best way for a hunter or wildlife enthusiast to gain a better experience with wildlife is to block their own bio-signature.

Most of the animals we pursue have the unique ability to sense and detect a human’s presence. We’ve tested our patented technology with deer, and the result was getting 25-75% closer to them than what was achieved without HECS®. HECS blocking garments are even more effective when a human subject remains motionless but even small slow movements are much better tolerated when HECS is in play.

HECS® hunting and wildlife clothing are designed with our state-of-the-art patented technology that blocks your bio-signature. This means you’ll be able to get closer to wildlife than you could before. An experienced hunter or avid wildlife enthusiast can benefit greatly from HECS® clothing. When your muscles are moving and your breathing increases, you’re generating a lot more bioenergy, and HECS® is the only apparel out there that can block this. We can’t make any guarantees that our clothing will make you a better hunter, but we can help you get closer to wildlife without being detected.

For outdoor lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, you can also have an impact when wearing HECS®. With our clothing, wildlife will act more naturally when you’re around because they won’t sense you as a direct threat when your energy is blocked. This is a big advantage for people who love to explore and observe animals in their natural habitat.

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How does HECS® hunting and wildlife clothing work? Our apparel has a carbon fiber grid woven into the fabric specifically designed to block the naturally occurring electrical energy you produce. This is how we’ve revolutionized the outdoor apparel industry.

Along with our state-of-the-art technology, our clothing is lightweight, breathable, and insanely comfortable. You’ll be able to move around with ease and it’s machine washable. Try out HECS® clothing now to see how your outdoor experience will change for the better.

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