HECS In Action

HECS and Bear

When it comes to bear hunting, experienced hunters understand the patience, skill, and knowledge it takes to successfully hunt these incredible predators. Bears of all sub-species have a particularly keen sense of their surroundings, which is why hunting bears takes unique skill and a tactical approach.

Woman with bear she shot

HECS and Deer

When it comes to deer hunting, hunters understand how important it is to stay undetected. An experienced hunter would tell you how difficult it is to stalk and hunt a deer because of the habitat they live in.

Deer in field

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Improve your hunting experience with HECS clothing.

very large elk

HECS and Elk

The proven technological advantage of our elk hunting camouflage clothing is that it blocks the electrical energy signals from your body. Elk use these signals to differentiate between living beings and inanimate ones, so when using HECS, you appear as more of an inanimate object rather than a threat.

HECS Elk Hunting

HECS and Turkey

Movement is the turkey hunter’s worst enemy, and the wild turkey’s ability to pick up even the slightest movement makes it challenging to hunt. But since you can’t hunt without moving…you need HECS.

2 turkeys

HECS and Waterfowl

Hunters are always looking for that extra edge. The patented technology in HECS hunting camouflage clothing gives waterfowl hunters an incredible advantage by using proven science to capitalize on how birds actually see their world. All waterfowl have incredible vison and they can even see electromagnetic energy fields visually.

2 men holding waterfowls

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