Is HECS Technology a Gimmick?

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March 29, 2022

I always find it amazing that after 12 years on the market in the hunting space and tens of thousands of satisfied customers we still occasionally see a social media post that asks the question “Is HECS just a gimmick?”  

I guess maybe I am too close to the subject but every time I see these types of comments nowadays I just have to wonder with all of the information that is out now about the important role electrical energy plays in the function of basically all living beings on the planet, just where this skepticism comes from. 

Way back “in the day” when HECS technology was first introduced it was a bizarre concept for many hunters to grasp and we understandably had a world full of skeptics. In 2010 most hunters only worried about scent, sight, and sound when it came to staying undetected. 

After all, those were basically the only senses we were readily aware of ourselves so for some hunters, it was an awfully big stretch to admit that there could be something else, some other invisible force that was causing animals to become aware of their presents when they got in close.  

Even though almost every hunter had been busted numerous times by animals even when all the conditions were right and they had the known variables firmly in their favor, the fact that another force was in play was very hard for some old-school hunters to accept. 

Does HECS Hunting Suit Work?

While, many hunters have been very successful without HECS for centuries however the fact that most hunters have been busted for no apparent reason, many on a fairly regular basis, never really registered as being a problem that had an easily identifiable cause. 

So most hunters just chalked it up to an errant breeze or some other factor that, if they admitted the truth, was unlikely to be the cause at all.  

What Prompted the Interest in the Human Energy Concealment System Technology

As a lifelong Bowhunter as well as the offspring of some great old-time cattle ranchers I grew up around all sorts of animals and it was always my passion to get as close as possible whenever I could. 

I can remember my Grandfather telling me that you need to stay as calm as possible when you are approaching any animals because “they can sense your fear or anxiety no matter how you act on the outside”. 

Many times I had seen game animals react and pick me off when my excitement level rose even though I was completely still and silent and I had the wind solidly in my favor. 

Over time and with lots of failures (otherwise known as experience) I became pretty successful as a spot and stalk bowhunter in my home state of Eastern Oregon. 

I was putting far more animals on the ground than most of the bowhunters I knew but it was only after I had learned the limits to which could be reasonably expected with the various game I hunted. The one factor that always had me baffled was exactly why it was so incredibly difficult to stay undetected when I got inside 30 or even 40 yards of wary game like deer and elk. 

Invariably when a deer or elk got in that close even if I was completely still and silent and had the wind in my face it wouldn’t be long and you could watch the animal’s body language change and you could see him become more tense and alert. 

Many times they would just quickly walk away, never even looking in my direction. They simply knew somehow that something was there and they needed to move away. 

Like most hunters, I saw this over and over, and eventually, I became very interested in the “somehow “of this phenomenon. 

Researching Electrical Energy And How Animals Sense It

This curiosity peaked in 2007 when with the help of several associates we stumbled onto an interesting fact. Science had proven that most animals were detecting the slight electromagnetic field emitted by the earth and it was the basis of what they used to navigate. 

Birds actually see these fields visually and regularly use them to circumnavigate the world in some cases. It is also a fact that all living beings emit an electromagnetic field that is produced by heart rate and muscle movement. 

The tiny electrical charges that actually fire our muscles and keep our hearts beating have a concurrent electromagnetic charge that travels outside our bodies. 

The big thing for us was that both energy fields were extremely low-frequency fields and were very similar to each other. 

Our big moment is when we realized that if animals can sense these fields for navigation then why couldn’t they also use them for protection, recognition, or a myriad of other purposes?   

Well, the fact is after we were able to effectively block those emissions we could easily prove that they did indeed sense these emissions and used them for defense as well as other things. 

A favorite analogy of mine is if your eyes can see a flower why couldn’t they also see a lion crouching in the grass? 

The Fact is they can, and animals that sense electromagnetic energy fields to navigate can also use them for other purposes as well.

HECS Hunting Suit Is A Game Changer For The Hunting Industry

Through years of research and in the field experimentation we learned that by blocking our electrical emission we could get much closer and remain there much longer than without HECS technology. 

Also amazingly the movement we could get away with on birds such as turkey and waterfowl was simply mind-blowing! 

We were regularly drawing our bows or raising a shotgun at close range and in full view of the birds with no reaction whatsoever! 

I had turkey hunted most of my life and had only taken 1 bird with a bow simply because it was nearly impossible to draw unless the birds head was completely hidden behind something solid, but now with HECS, I could draw literally anytime I wanted and expect the bird to still be there in full strut when I settled the pin. 

 Here’s one with my buddy Andy day doing the impossible! 

Likewise, our local mule deer were much easier to stalk, and amazingly on some occasions, we were even able to stalk right out in the open and still approach close enough for a shot!  

When I hunted whitetail, suddenly the deer were no longer picking me out in the tree stand nearly as often or as quickly but the biggest thing was when they did notice me they would usually stare for 30 to 60 seconds and I kept still they would then ignore me and go on about their business.  

Now thousands of other hunters report similar observations every year. 

Negative Comments Are Now the Exception and Positive Reviews Are The Rule

 Back in 2009 when our patents started to issue and they were all coming back with no claims rejected (extremely rare in the patent world) I then knew for certain that we had something big! 

Yes, for a lot of hunters it would be a difficult sale but after all the incredible encounters we had documented I was confident that once people started trying HECS they too would see what we had documented and the technology would be accepted.    

Now 12 years later not only has the technology been generally accepted by those who know and understand it but also our technology has literally changed the scientific understanding of several species most notably lobsters who science now says definitely have electroreception. 

In 2010 this would have been preposterous to any aquatic scientist to announce. HECS technology is being used by the US Special Forces to enable them to work in close proximity to dogs (the 3rd world alarm system) without them reacting as quickly. 

HECS has also been used by wildlife biologists and featured on several documentaries including Shark week episodes and Extinct or Alive on animal planet.   

So as you can see after all the water under the bridge concerning HECS technology I am genuinely surprised when I hear the question “Is the HECS suit just a gimmick?” 

I don’t know of too many “Gimmicks” that have been on the market for 12 years and are growing substantially every single year. 

Not too many gimmicks that are in use by scientists, researchers, and wildlife professionals, not to mention the military. 

The bottom line is that HECS technology is the furthest thing from a “Gimmick” and the only people who think it is simply haven’t yet tried it. Once they do the most common comment is “I’ll never again hunt without it”                   

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